SALAMA KY is a Finnish zipper manufacturer. We offer 20-years of experience of zipper production to our clients, who mainly are from Finland, France, Germany, Portugal and Russia. In addition to our superior products, we provide a wide range of high quality products combined with short delivery times.

In SALAMA KY, we constantly improve our zippers’  by impementing new, ground-breaking innovations as fast as possible to the product line. Today, in addition to the traditional zipper products, we offer spill-resistant, water resistant and curve-shaped zippers. Ultrasound technology is used to melt the bottom ends, and for the tough use we produce specially designed hard-use sliders with induction welding.

Product quality is one of the most important parts of our business. We are constantly monitoring the quality of our production line as well as our products quality. Every zipper batch is additionally checked before the delivery in a series of thorough tests, which is why we also guarantee long product lifetimes for our products.

Why SALAMA zippers?
► Factory to factory delivery without intermediaries
► Constant and high product quality
► Cutting-edge technology in your service
► Wide product range, including coil zippers, invisible zippers, water resistant and curve-shaped zippers
► Special-sized zippers from 6 cm by 0,5 cm intervals.
► Wide color range: over 60 colours for type 5 coil-, 50 colours for type 7 (shoe coil-) and over 150 colours for type 3 (invisible and coil zippers)
► Flexible to reply special requests: we also reply to specific demands to meet customers whishes concerning colours tint, about customised slider models and colours
► Large design gallery: open-end and closed-end zippers with one or two locks including X-, O- and R-shaped or with two open tops
► Ability to manufacture special sliders to meet the client’s own model and color.
► Ability of putting client’s logo on the top part of the slider
► Manufacturing can also be done by using client’s components!